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Brake Rotors: Slotted Rotors, Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors, Dimpled Rotors, Calipers, Brake Pads, Performance Stainless Steel Brake Hoses, Brackets & Bolts, Performance Rotors and Big Brake Kits for cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicle

AMCO Auto Parts offers the finest brake products available in the market today. We carry the best brand names in the business to maximize your vehicle's braking ability, Ksport, Royalty Rotors, StopTech, Hawk, Greddy, Powerslot, Agency Power, just to name a few. We have applications for every major car, truck and sport utility vehicle.   

Today's cars, trucks, sport utility vehicle and vans come with a standard brake rotor which works great under light to moderate driving conditions.   If you’re the type of person who likes to take things to the limits or is just looking for more performance from your car’s brake system then our slotted rotors, slotted and dimpled rotors, cross drilled rotors and performance rotors are for you and your car. 

These rotors are far superior than your stock rotors.   They offer you a shorter stopping distance, resistance to brake fade, lower brake temperatures and an overall better performance look. Whatever type of rotors you choose: cross drilled rotors, slotted rotors, dimpled rotors or performance rotors you will notice the substantial improvement in your performance rotors upgrade on your car. 

The OEM Parts on your vehicle are not adequate enough for hard driving on and off the track. We offer many ways to improve your overall braking performance. We have Big Brake kits that include 4, 6, 8 or 12 Caliper Pistons to offer you a larger clamp force and bigger rotors to give you the extra brake surface you need as well as Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines. These larger brake kits are designed using a bigger rotor which is lighter and vents better then a stock system. You can also keep your stock system and just upgrade the pads, rotors and brake lines to our high performance slotted or cross drilled set ups.    

How do slotted rotors, dimpled rotors, and cross drilled rotors actually improve braking? 

Slotted rotors use the slots to clean off the brake pad giving the pad the maximum surface area to gain better stopping with your car. When using dimpled rotors or cross drilled rotors that have similar traits, their main goal is let heat escape of the rotor allowing cooler rotors with better gripping power for stopping your car. 

So, what is the reason for the different types? 

The cross drilled could crack or warp easier on some lower brands.   The solution was to keep the rotor solid and provide more surface for the rear brake to catch, providing less chance of damage on the rotor of your car. We have the largest selection of brakes in the world. You have to stop. and sometimes, stop abruptly. 

 Our job is to make sure your performance brakes give you the power braking abilities you need. Whether you want Performance upgrades, better response times or just getting rid of the 'squeal' when you step on the pedal, we offer a full line of brake products that meet and often exceed the standards set by the Department of Transportation (DOT) . 

We offer the best brakes at the lowest prices. Cheap brake components can lead to accidents, warping and potentially the failure of several other parts on your car, truck or sport utility vehicle

What is the right choice for me? 

Depending on your driving habits or use, different brake pad compounds can be purchased. There are race pads, aggressive street pads and OEM replacement brake pads available (ceramic, metallic and many more). Different brake pads require different amounts of use to perform the best. A racing brake pad will require it to be warmed up before it starts to perform as desired. Where an aggressive street pad will give you better braking but may not be enough for hard driving at the track. 

We offer the best in brake pads which limits the amount of brake dust dispersed. Our rotors come slotted, cross-drilled or both. Greddy & Ksport brakes are the best on the market, according to some. Our big-brake upgrade kits, high performance calipers, stainless steel brake lines can add function and flash to your braking system. We offer a long list of the industry leaders in brake performance parts including: Royalty Rotors, StopTech, Hawk, Powerslot, Agency Power, just to name a few. 

Steel Braided Brake Lines 

Our Steel Braided Brake Lines are one of the best in the industry to help achieve your goals. By Replacing OE rubber hoses with Steel Braided Brake Lines, expansion is reduced for improved braking and firmer pedal feel.   In addition, Steel Braided Brake Lines provides superior protection from flying roadway debris, and can truly help provide the race car look.    

From OE replacement to high performance brake rotors, AMCO Auto Partsleads the way by offering the finest quality performance rotors in the marketplace. For the best price and availability look no further then AMCO Auto Parts as your brake source. It is our mission to provide you the best products at the lowest prices. 


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