Clutches & Driveline

Clutches & Driveline

Clutches, Automatic Transmissions & Driveline 

High Performance Clutch Kits, Flywheels, Short Throw Shifters, Automatic Transmissions, Flywheels, Performance Shift Kits, Aluminum Driveshafts, High Performance CV Shafts, Automatic Transmission Shifters, Torque Converters, High Capacity Transmission Pans, High Flow Transmission Filters, Axles and Clutch Replacement Parts including: Bearings, Slave Cylinders, Clutch Disks, Pressure Plates, CV Boots & U-joints

Getting Your Power to the Pavement

AMCO Auto Parts is your source for clutches, transmissions, and driveline products.  Building a great amount of horsepower is only the start. You need to deliver all that power and torque to your car or truck’s wheels.  We have for many years been the place to buy your performance clutch kits, clutch disks, pressure plates, flywheels, short shifters, axles and clutch replacement parts including bearings and slave cylinders. We carry full clutch kits from the most popular brands including Fidanza, Exedy, Ralco RZ, Spec Clutch, F1 Racing, ACT, Clutchmasters, RPS and AASCO.  So if you need a twin disk clutch, an aluminum flywheel, or steel flywheels we have it all. 

Automatic Transmissions

AMCO Auto Parts offers all the parts necessary to create a bullet proof, high performance automatic transmission.  We are a leading supplier of today’s newest and best products for the street or strip.  We offer flexplates, torque converters, stock and performance flywheels (aluminum or steel), shift kits, drive shafts (aluminum or steel), high capacity ATF pans and ratchet shifters, just to name a few.

We also offer complete race ready automatic transmissions that are ready to be installed in your muscle car or modern day tuner. We supply only the best brands such as B&M, and RPS.   We offer products for nearly any major brand vehicle.  To get started, just use the drop down menu to select your make, model and year vehicle.

From Mild to Wild, We Have It!

We offer many different stages for all types of driving. If you need an affordable clutch for a daily driver we offer the Exedy OEM replacement clutches; however we also offer 5 stages of high performance clutches using Organic, Kevlar, Semi Metallic, Carbon, Ceramic and many other materials to help you make the right choice. We have full descriptions explaining each clutch we offer.   Building a 600 horsepower race car? We offer twin disks clutch set-ups to suit your needs. 

High Performance Driveshafts

Having a strong clutch is great but you will need strong axles to handle the extra horsepower you are making.  Heavier duty components are needed in order to handle additional horsepower and torque created by high performance engines.  We offer Driveshaft Shop performance axels for both, your race car or stock replacement needs.  

Short Throw Shifters

AMCO Auto Parts also offers Ralco RZ and B&M short throw shifters to help improve your shifting speed.  Short throw shifters help you reduce the long throw of your factory shifter. A short throw shifter allows a more close and precise shift, giving you the ability for quicker gear changing.  Shifters are often overlooked but can be an easy and affordable way to improve your car for benefits on and off a track. Short throw shifters help you go into gear quicker giving you better access to your power.  Short throw shifters are a great advantage because you can shift with a slight flick of the wrist or small arm movement, instead of a long arm extension throw. 

From OE replacement to high performance Clutch & Driveline components, AMCO Auto Parts leads the way by offering the finest quality performance products in the marketplace. For the best price and availability-look no further then AMCO Auto Parts for your clutch & driveline source! It is our mission to provide you the best products at the lowest prices.


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